We at IBAB believe that if our institution and students are to research new and unexplored areas, we need to be academically strong and be deeply rooted in scholarship. In its drive to foster excellence, IBAB keeps its doors open, to the exchange of faculty and students from different universities and countries, to exchange thought in the true spirit of scientific inquiry.
IBAB has signed a number of memoranda of understanding that allows us to interact with researchers from different countries. In the near future, one can only expect this list of grow.

MOU with University of Le Reunion

IBAB has signed an MOU with the University of Le Reunion. This MOU was signed to establish a framework of understanding and cooperation between IBAB and the University of Le Reunion (UR) in the areas of staff and student exchange, and sharing of expertise, knowledge and information.

Objectives of MOU:
•    Promote cross-cultural exchanges between staff and students of both institutions
•    Enrich academic and campus life of both institutions, as well as provide support for academic and non-academic activities
•    To provide opportunities for faculty staff at IBAB and UR to undertake joint teaching and research; and to promote the sharing of best practices and experience
Several students from IBAB have done their internships at UR. Some of them have subsequently gone on to enroll for their PhDs in the same university, and one student has completed his PhD.

INRIA International Internship Programme

IBAB entered into a partnership with INRIA, France, for the INRIA International Internship Programme. This programme is open to foreign students who have completed four to five years of university level course work and who would like to spend 3 – 6 months interning with an INRIA team while continuing to prepare for their degrees in their home country. It is reserved for students enrolled in partner institutions. The other partner institutes in India are IIT-Delhi, IIT-Kanpur and IIT- Kharagpur.  Several students from IBAB have done their internships at INRIA.


More recently IBAB has signed MoUs with the University of Udine in Italy and also the University of Glasgow in the UK. It has also had an MoU with the University of Michigan in the United States for a research collaboration.