IBAB continually endeavours to expand its offerings to students interested in pursuing a career in bioinformatics and biotechnology. Recently, the institute began accepting Ph.D. scholars to carry out research under the able guidance of our faculty. We currently have four research scholars who have secured fellowships and are registered for their PhDs.  Other students have initiated their work and look forward to being formally registered soon.  In parallel with the increasing number of Core Faculty, the number of research scholars will also increase in the next few years.

Student: Darshan S.C.
Thesis guide: Dr. Kshitish Acharya
Thesis title: Establishing expression-based gene clusters for prediction of mammalian promoters and expression patterns

Student: G. Goldsmith
Thesis guide: Dr. Subha Srinivasan
Thesis title:  Structure and dynamics of RNase H and its substrate complexes: Implications in substrate specificity and recognition

Student: Neelima Ch
Thesis guide: Dr. Kshitish Acharya, IBAB and Prof. Abhijit Mitra, IIIT, Hyderabad
Thesis title: Understanding the differences in preliminary stages of gene expression regulation in healthy and unhealthy mammalian tissues, and identification of potential markers

Student: Meeta Sunil
Thesis guides: Dr. Subha Srinivasan and Dr. Bibha Chaudhury
Thesis title: Next generation sequencing and annotation of Amaranthus hypochondriacus “Rajgira” genome and transcriptome

Student: V. Vandana
Thesis guide: Dr. S. S. Shivakumara
Thesis title: Characterization of microbial biosysnthesis of carotenoids and other pigments

Student: Poulami Dey
Thesis guide: Dr. R. Srivatsan
Thesis title: Mathematical modeling of multiple phenomena involved in Rheumatoid Arthritis and associated disorders

Student: P. Venugopal
Thesis guide: Dr. R. Srivatsan
Thesis title: Systems biology modelling

Student: K. Jinsha
Thesis guide: Dr. Bibha Chaudhury
Thesis title: Epigenetic changes in cancer cell lines induced by natural compounds

Student: Suran R Nambisan
Thesis guides: Dr. Subha Srinivasan and Dr. Bibha Chaudhury
Thesis title: Identification of Amaranthus hypochondriacus specific microflora through metatranscriptomics of the root