The institute offers an MSc in ‘Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology’.  The course provides competence in both biotechnology and computational biology/bioinformatics by providing training in the areas of cell and molecular biology, computer science, statistics, databases, data mining, bioinformatics and so on.

Every student is provided access to a fully loaded high-end PC and extensive access to the internet for the entire duration of 2 years. Lectures are delivered by in-house faculty, and distinguished academics and industry scientists from leading academic institutions or companies within the country or from abroad. A significant amount of time is devoted to learning through material available on-line, journals, seminars, tutorials, group discussions etc. Thus the extensive lecture program is supplemented by an enabling environment and associated self-learning through assignments and project work.

The 2 year MSc course is structured into 4 semesters. Further details are available here.

IBAB ran a Postgraduate Diploma in Bioinformatics since 2002, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Laboratory Biotechniques since 2004. The two popular programmes have been discontinued to enable the faculty to focus on the novel MSc programme.