GANIT Labs is a Bio-IT centre set up in 2010 through a public private partnership between IBAB and Strand Life Sciences.

In an effort to further the research and educational activities at IBAB, GANIT Labs was set up with generous funding of Rs 20 crores. A rare facility in India, GANIT’s mandate is to conduct research, offer services, train students and support entrepreneurship in the evolving areas of functional genomics and next generation sequencing.

Work at GANIT ranges from whole genome sequencing to primary and secondary data analysis, microarray (including standard gene expression and methylation experiments), capillary sequencing (using Sanger capillary methods) and Quantitative PCR.

Start-up funding for this initiative came from the Government of India (Department Electronics and Information Technology) and the Government of Karnataka (Department of IT, BT and S&T).  GANIT Labs is headed by Dr. Binay Panda.

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