Bioinformatics and biotechnology have vast potential in a country like India. As fledgling sectors with tremendous entrepreneurial potential, IBAB seeks to guide and inform young talent so that in future, as mature professionals, they may be able to locate ideas with commercial value

“…when I joined IBAB, my interests were purely academic… classes on IPR and visits to technology trade fairs generated the awareness that technology was an asset and the starting point of a journey…One shouldn’t forget that entrepreneurship is a way of life and to those suitably inclined even a tiny spark can fuel an inferno… In my case, IBAB deserves 100% credit as without that spark I am not sure if I would have become an entrepreneur.” an IBAB student-turned-entrepreneur.

Since 2003, IBAB has created an entrepreneurship-enriched environment for its students. We believe that this environment adds to what makes the IBAB education process a life-transforming one for so many of our students.

IBAB’s efforts to mould its students take the shape of:


  • Course in entrepreneurship: MSc students take a 2-credit course on ‘Intellectual property, entrepreneurship and the biotech industry’ during their fourth semester.


  • Guest lecture series: Entrepreneurs from different industries talk to students at different times during the course.


  • Mentoring: Strong faculty mentoring of student entrepreneurs. Any student who has an interest in forming a company is free to meet faculty at any time. This mentorship continues after the student has graduated, and even after a company is registered.


  • Incubation: IBAB currently hosts 6 companies on its premises. In addition, it ‘virtually’ hosts its student-alumni companies.


  • Networking: Various events facilitate the interaction of IBAB students with students of other NEN institutions. This has sparked increased enthusiasm and student activity. In addition, IBAB faculty help students network with influential professionals as they pursue their dreams of starting or growing their companies.


  • Research in innovation and entrepreneurship: IBAB faculty are also involved in research that relates to innovation and entrepreneurship. To see a list of publications that has appeared to date click here.


The impact of these entrepreneurship activities is already visible:

Greater awareness: Students are much more aware of entrepreneurship as a possible option for them in the future. We believe that this will translate into being part of starting teams, or founding their own companies in the years to come.

Work choice: Several students exercise job options that will give them useful experience for when they wish to start companies in future.