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Submit GEO experiments for data downloading and processing

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S.no. Chip name Blast output
Probe list
Specific probes
Perl codes
1Human genome U133 plus 2 array
2Human genome U133 A 2 array
3Human genome U133 A array
4Human genome U133 B array
5Human genome U95 Av2 array
6Human genome U95 B array
7Human genome U95 C array
8Human genome U95 D array
9Human genome U95 E array
10Human genome focus array
11Human X3P
12HT Human Genome U133A
13HT Human Genome U133B
14Murine Genome U74A v2
15Murine Genome U74B v2
16Murine Genome U74C v2
17Mouse Genome 430A 2.0
18Mouse Genome 430 2.0
19Mouse Expression 430A
20Mouse Expression 430B
21HT Mouse Genome 430A
22HT Mouse Genome 430B
23Rat Genome U34 A
24Rat Genome U34 B
25Rat Genome U34 C
26Rat Genome 230 2.0
27Rat Expression 230A
28Rat Expression 230B
29HT Rat Focus
30Rat Toxicology U34
31Rat Neurobiology U34
32Programs for in-house data processing and analysis (Inclusive of sample test-sets)