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Welcome to TIPMaP

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TIPMaP (Transcript Isoform Profiles from Microarray Probes), a tool developed to identify differentially regulated transcripts (specific to human, mouse and rat).

Overview: Microarray probe sequences from standard human, mouse and rat Affymetrix platforms are blasted against NCBI RefSeq transcript sequences. Probes which are specific to a transcript are grouped and these re-defined probe-sets are used to determine differentially regulated transcripts.

Gene expression data source: Affymetrix 3' gene expression profiling studies from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO).

Platforms covered: 13 for human, 9 for mouse and 9 for rat.

Platform names: Human genome focus, Human genome U133 plus 2.0, Human genome U133 A2, Human genome U133 A, Human genome U133 B, Human genome U95 Av2, Human genome U95 B, Human genome U95 C, Human genome U95 D, Human genome U95 E, HT Human Genome U133A, HT Human Genome U133B, Human X3P, Murine Genome U74A v2, Murine Genome U74B v2, Murine Genome U74C v2, Mouse Genome 430A 2.0, Mouse Genome 430 2.0, Mouse Expression 430A, Mouse Expression 430B, HT Mouse Genome 430A, HT Mouse Genome 430B, Rat Genome U34 A, Rat Genome U34 B, Rat Genome U34 C, Rat Genome 230 2.0, Rat Expression 230A, Rat Expression 230B, HT Rat Focus, Rat Toxicology U34 and Rat Neurobiology U34 arrays.

Data quantum: Can be used to process and analyze 4630 GSE's for human, 3741 for mouse and 773 for rat.

Query options available: GEO series ID (GSE), GEO sample ID (GSM), gene name, RefSeq transcript ID and keyword. In addition "Browse by GSE" and "Browse by RefSeq transcript ID" options are enabled.

Output displayed: List of transcripts which are differentially regulated or detected (data can be downloaded in a tab seperated text file). In addition gene, transcript, protein, blast alignment, transcript specific probe-sets, profile of a gene or a transcript across also GSE's are also shown.

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