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Gene information for SLC5A12 (Homo sapiens)
(Information is obtained from NCBI Gene database)
Entrez gene ID159963
Official gene symbolSLC5A12
Full namesolute carrier family 5 (sodium/glucose cotransporter), member 12
Gene summaryNormal blood lactate is maintained at about 1.5 mM, and little filtered lactate is excreted in urine. Reabsorption of lactate is mediated by the low-affinity Na(+)-coupled lactate transporter SLC5A12 in the initial part of the proximal tubule and by the high-affinity Na(+)-coupled lactate transporter SLC5A8 (MIM 608044) in the distal proximal tubule (Gopal et al., 2007 [PubMed 17692818]).[supplied by OMIM]
LocationChromosome: 11   Locus: 
Gene position26743574 - 26688566  Map Viewer
OMIM ID612455