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Gene information for DST (Homo sapiens)
(Information is obtained from NCBI Gene database)
Entrez gene ID667
Official gene symbolDST
Full namedystonin
Gene summaryThis gene encodes a member of the plakin protein family of adhesion junction plaque proteins. Multiple alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms have been found for this gene, but the full-length nature of some variants has not been defined. It has been reported that some isoforms are expressed in neural and muscle tissue, anchoring neural intermediate filaments to the actin cytoskeleton, and some isoforms are expressed in epithelial tissue, anchoring keratin-containing intermediate filaments to hemidesmosomes. Consistent with the expression, mice defective for this gene show skin blistering and neurodegeneration. [provided by RefSeq]
LocationChromosome: 6   Locus: 
Gene position56507694 - 56322785  Map Viewer
OMIM ID113810