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Gene information for COL21A1 (Homo sapiens)
(Information is obtained from NCBI Gene database)
Entrez gene ID81578
Official gene symbolCOL21A1
Full namecollagen, type XXI, alpha 1
Gene summaryThis gene encodes the alpha chain of type XXI collagen, a member of the FACIT collagen family (fibril-associated collagens with interrupted helices). Type XXI collagen is localized to tissues containing type I collagen so, like other members of this collagen family, it may serve to maintain the integrity of the extracellular matrix. An alternatively spliced transcript variant has been described, but its full-length nature has yet to be determined. [provided by RefSeq]
LocationChromosome: 6   Locus: 
Gene position56112378 - 55921388  Map Viewer
OMIM ID610002